Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Handle your pain by PDA

Today is about two subcategories of the Health 2.0 world- Combination of PDA tool and PHR.
The concept is to handle your pain by the PDA- Chronic pain management.
The idea of the product is a new PDA application that handle through graphic interface the pain management of every user. You can also transfer the data to your own PHR and even give the precious information to your physician ( actually this is the main practical goal lt- Help your physician helping you to deal with your chronic pain).

Some information from the application site:

"the application allows people with pain to record structured information on
their pain experience, treatment and physical activities every two hours throughout
the day."

"The team is also working on developing software that will automate the
analysis of information captured in the EPAD to offer patients and providers key
insights about a patient’s pain and treatments informed by best practices in pain

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