Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ning- medical 2.0

Social networking is one of the essential and basic components of what we called the web 2.0 world.
The "social community" became one of the major trend on the web in 2006 and 2007. Just look and see how much is written about facebook lately.
Even in our world, the health 2.0 world, this buzz resulted in few social networking for doctors, physicians, researchers and even nurses.
The most ambitious one ( until this current moment ) is sermo.
Im not going to make a post about sermo or the other medical social networking.
I want to write for you about the "ning phenomenon".
First, what is ning?
Ning is an "open platform for creating social networking".
Everyone can build his own social networking without any tech or web knowledge.
By "step to step" method you can create it .
The basic package gives you the opportunity to built with no cost and even ad -supported network with all the features that you are familiar with . (blogs, pictures, video, groups etc.)
Currently they are 76,000 networks by this platform.
If you are looking for health social networking you will find dozens of them.
Some of them are not handling real traffic but others do .
This is the right place discussing the potential of ning for the medical 2.0 wprld :
1. You can share a network with your class mates (as a med student). For a medical students its a great opportunity to share some relevant material during their studies and during the exams periods. While everyone are seperated to small groups during the clarckships , it can be a way to keep connections with others that are not belonging to yours study group.
2. Create a small community for all of your colleagues in the out patient clinic or even your colleagues at the hospital.
3. You can create the "ward community" . Everyone can share some exprience from their work . Mostly, we dont have time for that in the busy real world. The seniors can give additive consultation regarding patients while everyone can see it and makes comments when they find the right time for it . Its like a " continuity of consultation". Seniors can write blogs in their subspecialities and share others with their clinical and academic knowledge and wisdom.

There much more opportunities that we can find and create by using Ning in our world . By that we will make it much more health 2.0 world.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Twitter by mail

You know already my way of thinking regarding "microblogging" concept at general and twitter particular.
I found this new application : Twittermail .
Simple as that:
You are getting email address while all your post and even your replies are flowing through the mail.
Highly important to bussy people who dont have the time but as everyone using anyhow their mail. (Doctors are such a busy people, dont they?)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Medical procedures on video

From webmedtechnology web site :

Library of medical procedures.
Lumbar puncture, chest tube,picc line and even several laparoscopic procedures.
Another contribution to the medical video emerging world.

Doctors and web 2.0

I want to share with you the attached post i read earlier:

"Doctors and web 2.0".

It's another assurance for our world - medicine 2.0- expansion.
The post has attachment to the "white paper research".

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Third round - medicine 2.0 blog carnival


This is the third round of the medicine 2.0 blog carnival.
I think Bertalan Mesko worth some appreciation for his dedication and motivation that led to the establishment of this blog carnival.

Posts about medical search :

Bioinformatics zen posted some alternatives for the pubmed gold standart.It was concluding natureprecedings and connotea I mentioned also in the past.
Open Medicine blog posted few days later the top five meta search tools in medicine.

Video in the service of medicine 2.0 :
It seems that some of us look carefully about the potential benefits of the emerging video tools at the medical sector.

I posted about Jove, here in medical 2.0 posted twice about the video scene. The first post mentioned tools like : Jove, DNAtube and Bioscreencast.
The second post was about ScienceHack - a new video search tool for science.

If we are talking about search engine , there was an important post by Bertalan Mesko in Scienceroll. It was about Next Bio- another important search engine for life science data.

Another important post from scienceroll was the evaluation of the complexity of hospital management today an in the near future.In this post we earned also some usefull links to important blogs edited by some hospital CEO'S.

Some others interesting posts :
1. Jane Sarasohn-Kahn posted at an important review about the lack of adopting web 2.0 tools by the pharma companies and how these tools influence the industry- consumers connection.
2. I recommend watching the page of UBC- Heath library wiki. It's about medical applications for the I-phone. Probably it will be in the central at the near future.
3. K.S Descartin wrote an interesting post in her blog, called Paraskavedekatriaphobia.It's phobias and virtual reality applications as therapeutics tools. Indeed , we can add it to the "med 2.0" sector.

all about nature :
There was a buzz currently regarding the new open medicine and science method application by nature - Nuture precidings.This is an example of one post among few others.
Also I recommend about the interview with Timo Hannay - the head of web publishing , Nature publishing group. In that interview Timo Hannay asked and answer about Nature strategy and project with and inside the web 2.0 and social software world.

The last one is about my favourite : Twitter.
Here a link for short post which demonstrate a new twitter application- Twitter for health foundations and charities.

So, this is the third round of our carnival. I wish you enjoyed reading it. Ihope it will take more central place in larger audiance at the future.
Medicine 2.0 is one of the powers of the future medicine because medicine its all about people and for people which make sense that the web 2.0 tools will give such a huge benefit to that field.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Thestatus- the personal web page for hospitalized patients


I saw this application and thought it's worth mention it for you.
Thestatus - gives you the option to create a personal web page while you are hospitalized. It can be manage by one of family member.
Some features included :
1. personal detailes
2. professional detailes regarding your illness
3. messages - from guests, your family or from yourself to your guests.
4. updates concerning your medical status.
Here, a
sample page.
Conclusion :
Worth trying it.
lack of advanced user interface.
It will be wise to add instant messaging tools and makes connection to twitter application.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Delay of the medicine 2.0 blog carnival

Due to personal reasons I will delay the hosting of blog carnival- medicine 2.0.
The third edition will be next sunday : 15/07.
Thank's for your understanding.
Please, continue to send your post.