Friday, December 5, 2008

Businessweek is covering Health 2.0

Businessweek published yesterday an interesting article about Health 2.0 and the concept of "Patient empowerment".
For consumers, Its a great 3 pages article with very interestings samples and real life stories. Its called : "Patients as Partners."
Enjoy and share it with your colleagues and patients.

You even can watch an additional slideshow on Businessweek with so many examples of Health 2.0 ventures ( some of them are not clear cut Health 2.0 but more Medicine 2.0- like sermo).

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Txtalert- An efficient Health mobile application

Txtalert is an example of truely positive use of mobile phones in the Healthcare sector.

The concept is to help patients and physicians to handle with the obstacles concerning long term treatments in HIV positive patients.

Txtalert uses text message reminders to improve the health of HIV positive people, by reminding them when they need to go for their next visit to the clinic. Apart from notifying patients of their upcoming appointments, TxtAlert also requests that they reschedule if they are unable to attend.

Seems simple but for my opinion simple and smart . This is an example how we can use the technology that is actually in our hands for accelerating "Advanced Medicine" and empower the "Patient- Physician" connection.Thats what Health 2.0 is about, or mostly about.

Txtalerts is just an example for being simple, creative and thinking usability in the aspect of technology and Healthcare.