Thursday, October 25, 2007

New features in Medical 2.0 directory


The last week was a great one
We introduced our new venture - Medical 2.0 and got a lot of great comments.
Some of you even sent us suggestions for more links to our directory.

We are in developing process all the time.
In the last days we added some new features:

1. Search engine - you can search for a subject or specific link.
2. "New platforms" - every time you can observe the latests platforms that where added to "Medical 2.0" .
3.We already updated the list and added more sites links.
4.We create a new header design and logo to our venture- What is your opinion about it?


Monday, October 22, 2007

Medical search engine- a competitive niche

I wrote in the past about several medical search engines.
This niche is "hot" these days.
Everyone understand the power beyond ultimat medical search engine.
Microsoft purchased Medstory . Google is deep inside the health 2.0 race also ( see my last post as an evidence and example for this).
Curbside.MD is another example and I must say a good one.

1. You can naturally phrase medical and clinical questions in the search bar. Its like asking your tutor or your coleague professional question.

2. There are well defined sections . Including "Quick Consult" section for getting high level review results and "The Best Evidence " to get in- depth results and answers for your questions.

3. There is an algorithm to get the "best hits" results and also results under the topics "clinical trials" and "visual diagnosis".

I will add this platform to ours Medical 2.0 directory.
But he will have strong competition from the others including the "big lions"
Its going to be so interesting in the "medical search engine" this year and in the following year as well.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Googles vision on health/medical 2.0 sector

Attached review by Reuters which published on CNET news.

Its about parts of Googles vision regarding the health on the net.
The speaker is Marrisa Mayer, Google's vice president of Search Products & User Experience.

Indeed, this sector will be under the scope of the giants.
Sure, there will be a place for lot of entrepreneurs in this sector.

Marrisa Mayer's vision .

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Medical 2.0- A new health 2.0 directory for all of you


I want to share with you a new platform called - Medical 2.0. ( I'm one of the founders)

Its a new platform/ service for physicians, researchers, other professionals in the fields of medicine and biological science .
Actually is for the service of every patient and consumers , so its for the benefit of everyone.
What is it about ? :

Its a directory that aggregate applications, platforms and websites that their content are on the fields of medicine and life science and they are based on web 2.0 tools.
We understand that we are in the beginning of a major change in the interaction between medicine and the net ( the web).
The new generation called web 2.0 gives a huge added value to the health sector.
We, by Medical 2.0 . com , will hope to create a gate to the health 2.0 worlds for professionals which already use these platforms but also for new adaptors.

So, we added until now a lot of platforms but its only the beginning.
We are planning to add more in the near future .(actually we will add more and more on a weekly basis).
We also be pleased to share your knowledge and exprience in the field and expose us with yours favourites platforms and application.

What is unique about medical 2.0:

1. establishing well developed aggregation tool in the field of health/medicine 2.0
2.Create a base for a future social networking through the experince of the platforms showed in medical 2.0.
3.Gives a detailed knowledge in the interaction between health, web 2.0 and consumers. It is so important that the doctors will be a broker between this world and the consumers. It will be a part from our duty for ours patients.

Physicians, researchers and other professionals in the field dont have a lot of free time to spent on the web and look after and for new applications.
We are intending to do it for them.

The directory is designed to have subjects that are specified in the medical and/or scientific fields ( example : medical video tools) and general subjects that we think that the platforms that mentiond on the top of them can create an added value for the professionals (examples : on- line office tools ).

Some of you who have a strong knowledge in the field will be familiar with some of the platforms. You must remember that the site is not just for the health 2.0 professionals. Our duty is to expose others to them ( although you will enjoy also from a central place makes such an aggregation).

We see this current phase as a beta phase so we will be glad to hear yours advise and comments.

Enjoy , Bookmark, Share with others, Spread the news.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The new age of the outpatients clinics

I want to inroduce you with a new concept and a new way of handling outpatient clinic.
Its about the clinic of DR. Jay Parkinson
He offers combination of traditional visits in his clinic with other communication possibilities through and by the web.
You can chat with your doctor regarding your physical condition. You can make with him video chats as well. You can maintain your connection with him by email as well.The others communication ways of visiting him can be done only after he knows you personally and i assume understand your current medical status.
So he is saving time and costs to his patients and for him too.
He is making his medical service more reachable to his patients.
I can offer him and can think about other applications that can be used by him as well:

1. I mentioned once the idea of using twitter application for patients with chronic illness.
2.Using an online calendar for the service of his patients.
3.Writing a blog for the service of his patients (writing posts about prevention, immunizations, medications and side efects etc.).
I know that he writes blog now but i mean to an educational blog in the service of his patients.

But we must understand not to forget our patients and not leaving the intimacy meetings far away from us.
Even today most of the interaction between us, the physicians, and our patients is happening with a middle broker - the computer. We must keep and save the central part of the "four eyes" meetings and discussions in the world of clinic medicine.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

web 2.0 presentation on "Google Presentations"

I like the application of google which is part of google docs - "Google Presentations".

I tried it several times. It seems that combine all the features with IM tool is giving it great benefit.
I spoked yesterday with another person who watched the same presentation as me at the same time.
Not suprisingly, we found a lot of common and shared a lot of knowledge.The starting point for ours discussion was the subjects regarding the presentation- web 2.0.
For doctors it can give added value to find other professionals in their field and talk with them live. So simple but so friendly and useable.
As i mentioned, the subject was web 2.0. Here is the link for the presentation ( you need to have Googles account).
One interesting idea behind the presentation is "collaboration concept".
You can write to the author and suggest new ideas for the content. You can become collaborator of this presentation.
Its sounds like the concept of the Wikis but from the "presentations side".
So the concept is truely nice and interesting and the content itself is the same.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

I covered in the past some video tools for scientist and physicians.
Just for example : Scivee and Jove.
You know already my thoughts regarding the power and the future impacts of the media and the video abilities on the "health/medicine 2.0" world.

Here, I'm presenting another service called Labaction.
Its another video sharing tool. A niche tool for scientists and researcher.
In Labaction you can upload your own casts and see and view others webcasts. There is an option for making your own playlist and essential others web 2.0 tools such tags and etc.
Still they have problems :
1. The streaming is still suffering
2. The content for my opinion is not only top -notch scientific material.
3. Lack of content ( this is a matter of time....?)

My advice to them is to concentrate only in a top- notch content.
Researchers, physicians and scientists will not spent their precious free time in the evenings or even at work but only in a pure professional tools.

In The last pharse I mentioned one of the issues every health 2.0 web company must handle with : "keep on with pure and high professionality"