Monday, July 13, 2009

Medical 2.0 index

Hello all

Im glad to announce and share with you our new site called

Medical 2.0 Index

What is Medical 2.0 about?

Its about giving you top notch aggregation of tools , services, sites and applications belong to the Health 2.0 / Medical 2.0 sector.

We are doing constant collection of advanced sites , portals, services which are giving added value both to Health professionals as to consumers, patients and caregivers.

You can search for topics and content by highly specific tags. You can get first visual impression about sites by looking at the boxes we presenting in our sites. You can also help us rate the services.

As there is a positive movement at the Health 2.0 sector its about time to give you ( almost everyone) an easy and usability site and index to start looking and search for information and services that fit to your needs.

We will update the site constantly. We will be grateful to get suggestions from you about any kind of link concerning Healt 2.0 or E-Health.

We will be interested also in any kind of creative collaborations with other services and sites in our field.

Thanks a lot to Cnaan Aviv - An excellent programmer and internet geek which help as a partner to create Medical 2.0 index.

Enjoy and share with us your thoughts about it. Dont hesitate to tell others about it.