Saturday, June 30, 2007

Open access (OA) - one stop shop directory

Few hours ago i write about Nature precedings.
Imentioned there the Open Access publishing method.
This post I want to give you, for your benefits, the directory for all the Open Access journals. It contains more than our sector (medical , biological and life science) but including as well ours categories as well.
There is, also, a search engine not just for journals but for finding specific articles.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Nature precedings- complementary scientific publishing tool

This post is about the new web tool from nature group- Nature precedings.

I'm interested with the concept of the complementary ways for publishing scientific researches and works. This "world" contains the "open medicine" concept and also the new concept of Nature precedings.
In the old good world it takes time and money for having the ability to share your scientific work with your professional community.
Beside publishing in the traditional journals there is the informal ways like : posters and conference presentations and "preprints".Those informal ways lacks the ability to be cited by others.
Nature precedings solve this problem and gives the informal ways yhe opportunity to get closer to the traditional concept . It gives an option to publish your poster, presentation or preprint and get professional awareness and credit very quickley.
To publish you must have the appropriate academic credit and also there are pre barriers before publishing (for example: clinical trials with specific results or other research's which get specific therapeutic claims will not be published).
The publishing gives the ability to cite your work (so important fact in our academic sector).
I like so much this web tool because it is a good medicine 2.0 tool.
I like it simplicity. It has the good features like : rating system (votes), tags, rss, and others.
It has also simple and clean web design.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hosting the third round of medicine 2.0


Just for your notice :
I will be hosting the third round of medicine 2.0 blog carnival
This carnival was established by Bertalan Mesko from scienceroll.
If you have or will have interesting and usefull posts, please let me know.
My mail adress is :

Podcasts for the patient's service

So much was discussed about the role of the podcasts in the medicine 2.0 world.
Everyone know's about it and some of us already use it consistently.
This post is about using this format (one of the central applications of web 2.0 ) for our patient's service.
Watch and read this link : Clarian "health pod".
It's about the concept of using the podcasts for providing ongoing patient care and support for bariatric surgery patients.
On the article they describe how patient and their families can use it presurgery.For example : videocast of surgeons answering frequently asked questions.Another applications is giving all the theoretical and practical knowledge concerning the surgery.
Just to be specific : the article describe it as a "pilot program"
I see it as a positive movement towards advanced communication between the patients and the doctors.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

On- line video in the service of medical 2.0

( this item is about important subject while i will mentioned several examples including JOVE)

On line video applications and tools are one of my favourites.
The ability of the technology with the net capacity create huge buzz concerning everything that holds the terms: video and web (video webcasting).
In a few years, maybe, our traditional t.v broadcasting will be just a romantic remembernace.
Video on the web emerge, side by side, with the concepts of web 2.0 so we see the bi-directional influence .
Youtube is the gold standart example.
Today, google's company is still improving and continue to build the well known web 2.0 platform which established and count on the popularity of end users video's.
At the beginning (amazing.....only two years ago), it was the place for funny and unusual self made video clips.
Nowdays its the place to see and search everything you can just dream about.
You tube is the place also for short videos from the medical/health world (why not to embedd videos containing reviews and news items, for example, from our health sector too).
Youtube is just the traditional example.
On our medical 2.0 sectors there are more and more sites that use the technical abilities of webcasting and video streaming.
The one that I want to mention, is more for the researchers among us.
JOVE (journal of visualized experiments).
It's a unique websites which built collections of videos on the subject of basic biologic research.
It is a real professional tool by trying to share with the "community" many visualized experiments.
There are several subcategories including : neuroscience, cellular biology and microbiology.
The aim is to solve the "bottleneck" (by their words) of reproducibility and transparency.
Quick learning and studying new labs procedures and techniques can help each other and at last improve the basic research for the all community.

If we are discussing "webcasting" , we can give other examples of platforms and websites on the health/medical 2.0 sector (just to be accurate, not all of those are medical 2.0 but still they are belong to the online video / medical sector) :

Videojug - There is a section of health and medicine.It is more a "knowledge flow" from experts to consumers.
2. Intrinsic professional educational tools like :
physical examination (one of several), clinical procedures (this one is offered by NEJM but there are few others free of charge).
Indeed, a magnificant world.
These are only a taste from an emerging world.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Conference on blogs and social media in healthcare

After the science roll's post about Healthcare 100 : the top medical blogs
I want to inform you about the 3rd conference on blogs and social media in healthcare that will take place this fall in Chicago ( september 17/18).
You will have all the detailes from the link (It's from the Trusted.MD).
You can also find there the list of the sessions and the speakers.

Third conference on this subject is just another proof for becoming a well established sector in the overall blogosphere.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Twitter - applications for the health 2.0 world

I'm following carefully after the twitter application.
It's maybe the central tool for the concept of microblogging.
People are using twitter to send messages by s.m.s, IM tools or the twitter website.
The basic theory beyond this is to updates your status for the all world or specific people that you choose (friends, family etc.)

Think now about the possibilities of this application in our health 2.0 world.

some of the parameters describing the medical sectors are :
1. lot of social connections in the real world (we have patients, dont we?)
2. lack of time
3. managing our life in several circles through the day (family, patients, hospitals, others proffesional connections).
4. consistent flow of datas and knoledge through the day.

calculating this parameters and adding more, leads us to think that microblogging at all and Twitter in particular can bring added value to our sector and be a valuable web/medical 2.0 tools.


1. Creating Twitter webpage for every doctor in your hospital.
think how connections through the day can be quicker and elegant. Even small updates can have a great flow by twitter. Nurses can find you everywhere and anytime if you want to .
2. Conference : for the service of attendees and for the organizers for better control and managing the events, lectures and sessions. Also creating following remarks by attendees after session or lecture.
3. Creating small social networking with "special" complicated patients who needs close and carefull follow-up. Manage consistent "micro talks" about their conditions and their medical labs results .
4. Added tool for support groups with various health conditions (cancer patients groups for example).

these are only few examples to show the power of the microblogging concept.

Monday, June 11, 2007

All about medical podcasts


I want to share with you the followed article "podcasting".
It's summerize and gives all the value chain of the podcasting world. It's contain subjects of how to create podcast , how to find and use podcasts , list of recommended medical podcasts etc.
I found this review through the OM blog (open medicine).

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Google's new calendar

Google, the "master of the web 2.0 tribe" , released the new calendar.
Still in beta version , but seems to be with high usability standarts.
Doctors, which have so many obligations in their life circles (hospital, outpatient clinic, personal life etc.) can find this tool very convenient.
It has the option for searching others who makes their calendar in public.
Everyone can choose such kind of option for his calendars or one specific calendar of his total calendars groups.
You can use it even as an additive tool for built community ( example : research community).
Indeed web 2.0 tool that has great usability to the medical sector.

google vs. pubmed

See "google vs. pubmed"
Found this article through post of new and interesting blog about medicine and technology called Ronald Healy MD .
It's short post that was published in the open medicine blog - OM blog.
Deals about and compare between search abilities with google and pubmed.
Seems to be interesting for eneryone in our community.
Concerning the new blog - wish him all the best and happy to welcome new friend to our family.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Medworm- another R.S.S medical engine

I wrote to you last week about medical R.S.S aggregator.
Today, for accomplish the subject I must mention Medworm.
Medworm is an excellent medical R.S.S engine.
It's claim to cover more than 4,000 medical sources. Including journals, blogs, organizations etc.
I don't have to rewrite the benefits of such web 2.0 tool for us.
Some of you already knows about it. For others is my gift for this weekend.