Monday, September 24, 2007

Phreesia- New "checking in" tool for patients

Its not only for the patients. It can give some added values to the doctors- patients communication.
We are talking about Phreesia.
So what is Phreesia?
Its a company that developes wireless webpads for the service of our patients while they are waiting in the clinic.
Its actually creation of a new format for the patients check- in.
The "phreesiapad" is a touch screen.
The patients are writing very easilly their anamnestic detailes (the new ones). They can also get previous information regarding their medical history and status.
Concerning the "new" problem , they can get new medical information, but before that they, as the doctors later, can earn from advanced questions regarding the new problem they described about.

This month the company Secured $10.25M Series B Funding.
There are some questions regarding their business and financial model .
For now it is based on sponsorships.
Dont you think it can raise up some ethical questions?
Are the waiting rooms in ours outpatient clinics will become a place for agressive promotion by pharma companies? (or maybe other commercial sectors as well)?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Social networks for patients

You know already my view regarding the importance and the central part of web 2.0 tools for the patients/consumers.

Transferring the knowledge in the field of health/medicine 2.0 to our patients is one of our missions.
Social networks for patient are part of these tools.

Here is a short review concerning these networks with several examples.

Note: It's not a full list, just good examples for this subject

Monday, September 17, 2007

Health2info- Social health news platform

It is similiar to Digg and other web 2.0 platforms, but is dedicted to the medical sector:

Health2info : gives you the medical news. The ones you see in the front page are the most popular ones ( using voting platform).
Note : The news can be in several languages.

Medicine 2.0 blog carnival

Thanks to constructive medicine blog for mentioning my post about "Diffusion of the medical 2.0 concept" in the last edition of medicine 2.0 blog carnival published by them.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

GrandCentral - Control your phone world

Every one of us is facing with this situation ( or almost everyone):

We have several phone numbers (not including one or more email accounts and IM tools) .Some of them are currently working, some of them are old ones. We change work places, we change mobile phones and with them mobile phone numbers.

In the world of bussy sectors like the health sector I met so many people who have different phone numbers for different situations.
How many doctors do you know who have phone number especially for their outpatient clinic and different mobile phone number for their patients or mates/ residents at the hospital ( not mention, different number to their private life?).
How many of them want that different sectors will call at different hours via seperate roots? ( For example : someone who prefers all his hospital patients will call him only direct to his outpatient clinics phone while he is working there).

GrandCentral develops solution for these kind of situations.

The company was founded in 2006.The basic idea behind them is creating one phone number for everyone for life. This will be your public number.
By that single phone number you can control all your incoming and outcoming communications ( not mention that you dont have to update your numbers everytime you change home phone number or mobile number).
They are using VOIP technology to converage all your phone numbers to one point of contact.
You can choose that different phones will ring for different sectors or persons in different times. You can change it whenever you want. Its so easy to do it - just log in to yuor private account by the web.
You can control and manage your voice male either.
Now go back to the examples I wrote above and see how you can manage and control the different dimensions of your professional world and also keep some privacy for your own life and your family life.
Grand Central is a web service. Lately they where acquired by Google.
Yes, The phone market is taking his place in the web 2.0 world.
For me is also a very usefull medicine/health 2.0 tool because of its usability and necessity for the bussy professionals in the health sector and because phone communication is a key tool in our working enviroment. ( I still remember my nights phone calls to the words seniors as a junior ).
Still, you have to remember that this service is still in the beta phase.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The world of health IT conference and exhibition

As medicine 2.0 is part of the general sector of health and IT/technology , i think that some of you will be interested in the conference that will take place in Vienna, Austria this end of october (22-25).

Here is the link for the conference web page :

WHIT- World Health IT

And here is the brochure for the conference :

Friday, September 7, 2007

Spruz- creating your personal web page

We discussed already the subject of " being here on the net" .
Tooday more than ever you have to manage your web identity .
Basically you have to be there. You have to create and developed your existency.
One of the tools is to create your own web page . Building your own web station.
Nowdays it's becoming more and more simple. Without any technoloy knowledge you can create well developed and costumized web page.
One platform that gives you the opportunity for that is Spruz.
You select the web design (theme) and can add many applications such as :
Content management tools
Search engine and etc.

By Spruz you can build so easilly personal web page so:

1. Create your personal web page
2. Create your personal professional web page as a physician as a researcher
3. Create your outpatient clinic web page
4.Create the private web page for your ward

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Difussion of the " medicine 2.0 concept"


Everything is probably coming in pairs

Here, I'm going to mention CDC again.This time is to introduce you with one of their latests posts :
Virtual Community Health Promotion by Richard Crespo, PhD
It's about the power of web communities in the service of health and medical issues.
The writer mentioned wikis, social networking and blogs.He also gives some examples and ideas how to use this concept.
For me it's another example and empiric data that the concepts of the medical 2.0 are becoming more and more popular and obvious to physicians, researchers and key leaders in the health sector.

Look and see the influance of this review by the eyes of another blogger in our sector:
"Web 2.0 - Do people in health get it?"
It's also a chance to introduce you with another blogger and blog ( good ones).