Saturday, May 9, 2009

The new edition of Medicine 2.0 carnival


Im glad and proud to edit the new edition of this carnival.

These days we can observe that the Health 2.0 sector is no longer in his premature age. Another evidence for understanding the growing interesting on this sector we can see from the last month article published on Economist .
There are more and more private as well as public organizations and firms which are contribute to the development of the sector by investing efforts of time, money, and human equity ( journals, hospitals, health organizations etc.). These organizations are joining to private people- professionals as well as non pro which are contribute to the success of the Health 2.0 world. This unique world is no longer stnading by itsef (as a virtual world).More and more connections are seen between the health sector of the real world with that of the "web world".

In Found the Cache blog there is a summary about hospitals using the social media tools.

You can even read this article ( mentioned by scienceroll) to understand how the new social media tools influence on health organizations and hospitals.

Berci Mesko share with us some important and relevant tools for following news regarding the swine flu ( Here also we can see how major organizations are using web 2.0 tools ) .

The Healthinformaticsblog posted about a new new research project looking at using Social Media to track flu symptoms ( social media = Facebook).

The other side of the success ( so many items and news regarding medicine/health ant the web/Technology) is the danger of being overloaded with all of this information.

The blog mention this in one of his post and share with us some tools and suggestions how to deal with this problem.

In E-Health blog you can watch an excellent presentation - " Roadmap to web 2.0 in healthcare organizations". This presentation summarize and explain the new web 2.0 tools used by these organization ( not only organizations but also privates in the health sector) via the web for marketing/BD/educatin/knowledge sharing etc.

Interesting discussion and thoughts regarding the impact of mobile applications and SMS services in the in the health sector you can also read in Mobilehealthnews. ( Thanks to Health Management RX for referring to this post).

One example shows the new generation of Health applications via mobile phones and iPhones is the application that gives the physician as well the mother to watch her baby grow on the mobile.

If we are talking about new web tools in the service of health ( including health organizations) we should also remember and understand the place and the role of our Mobiles in this field - MHealth ( Mobile Health).

Another important presentation is about the position that Twitter is taking in our lives ( professional lives). You can read and observe some interesting facts and numbers regarding "twittering from conference - Boston Health 2.0 conference".

New England Journal of Medicine is showing us again the new role of the "new journals" in the "new web days" by creating the H1N1 Influenza center ( continuous updates about the swine flu).

Other interesting posts seen lately in our Era:

1. Wiimote Is Not Only For Gaming Anymore from Medgadget . Its about findings from a study showing that using the Nintendo Wii gyroscopic remote can be a viable option for modern radiologists.

2. Another post from Medgadget is about a new human atlas via iPhone.

3. Watch about the upcoming new visual EMR ( again, thanks to medgadget).

4. You can watch many videos from the Health 2.0 Online Care Symposium ( Thanks to Health 2.0 blog).

5. Post from the Healthcare IT Guy about ways for medical students and professionals to join the Health IT community ( for those who desire to work in this field).

Some interesting blogs worth to watch and read:

The idea is to mention not only new blogs but professional ones which share with us interesting content in specific subcategories related to Health 2.0:

1. healthGAMERS - Its about Health Games, an emerging field that uses game-based technology to improve the health of the public.

2. An old one but like a wine, getting better from day to day is the Street Anatomy blog . Its about art, design and medicine. For those who didnt find it until now, worth to following.

I hope you enjoyed reading this carnival edition.

Thanks once again to Bertalan Mesko fororganizing this carnival ( as well as creating some other excellent projects regarding Health 2.0).