Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Contraception Checker

A new service from NHS Direct web site is the Online Contraception Checker .

Health 2.0/ Medicine 2.0 is not only complex and highly advanced and innovation platform .Its also about the idea of bringing people to check, s.investigate, informed and manage even simple acts and events concerning their health through the web.

The new service was used already by 34,700 people. Its another smart and simple algorithm of questions and answers leading the user to the right decision following his condition ( for example ; what to do if someone had an unprotected sex three days ago).
There is ability to make an unidentified web chats with web advisors available all over the working hours throughout the day ( 8 am - 8 pm)' and even in the weekends.

Simple service, that solve major problem for so many people in a quick and usable manner.

Below you can read Some interesting and useful information about this NHS Direct service:

1.Medicine information enquiries are one of the top three reasons people phone the service and emergency contraception makes up the largest percentage of those calls.

2. So far there have been 34,700 unique visits to the new online Contraception Checker and of those 409 engaged in anonymous web chats – 3% of those were from men.

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