Friday, September 5, 2008

Asklepois- Exclusive Canadian network for physicians

We are hearing about so many social networking in the health 2.0 sector.
The competition is seems to be too hard to survive for the long run.
Maybe there will be a chance for a social networking that will focus on a specific geographic area or country. Still, most of the physicians, although its an international profession, prefer to know their closer mates before others who are practicing and working in other countries.
Its not our vision for the near future ( international collaboration) but it can give nice and practical solutions by side to the future expectations.
Sklepois is a new Canadian social networking for physicians ( and Med students as well) that is supported by the Canadian Medical Association and its provided exclusivley for canadian.
The platform is Bi- Lingual (English and French) and its including, among others:

1.Personalised profile pages
2.Discussion groups
3.Lives chats