Monday, August 27, 2007

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention bought his own island in Second Life


I'm dedicating this post to my collegue Bertalan Mesko from scienceroll ( who writes a lot about Second life):

CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) bought an island in Second Life world this month. They paid for it 2,000$.
This purchase is part of "being there" and established the CDC existancy in the virtual world.
The strategy is to reach a new audiance in the web world by running such an island.
The island will be the center of the CDC in Second Life world.
A lot of people think that living your life through avators in the virtual world will be more and more popular and common . Maybe it will become the way people will navigate in the web in the near future.
The CDC intending to open the island for public this fall.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Scivee - The video site for scientists

It looks like being a week of video tools in this blog.
Scivee comparing to the site I covered in my last post, is a new guy in the medicine 2.0 nieghbourhood.
Its goal is becoming the "YouTube for scientists". Under this statment we can see that the site wish to be the place for researchers to upload their scientific papers and to follow them with a video presentations.
It was found by The National Science Foundation, the Public Library of Science, and the San Diego Supercomputing Center .
I think the site can cotribute to faster and easilly acssess to science news in the community.Using a video presentations can help to the "viral spreading" of the news and the papers.
Note : There is option to create also podcasts.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dabble- Ours video aggregation tool

You already know I like to share with you tools and platforms from the web 2.0 world which have give added value to the physician's and researchers world . (No, I don't forget the other sectors ...).
Tooday I want to introduce you with Dubble.
Its a video aggregation tool - simple as that.
Theese days are the days of the web video platforms. In the past I wrote about the central place of the video platforms in the web 2.0 and the health 2.0 world.
There are now more and more video platforms on the web. The idea of dabble is to be one stop shop for you- the end users.
You can watch the videos from many other platforms , save them in your own playlist and share them with others. Simple as that.Everything in one place.
Among the videos platforms that Dubble is covering you can find : Google video, Revver, Dailymotion , Youtube etc.
They are suppose to cover more than 600 web video platfrms.
Yes, most of the videos even in our sectors ( health, medicine...) are not for professionals, but still, with good looking and search we will find all the professional material there ( and believe me, there is such professional videos in these sites.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weaver - Google's new health information storage program

Want to share with you the latest news from Google:
They are launching first screenshots from their project for " health information storage"- "weaver"
It can makes a dramatic change in the market of this sector.
So many institutes including hospitals, outpatient clinics, insurance companies etc, have modern information storage platforms for our patients and for all of us , but lack the possibility to form connections between them.
Google spreading their vision. Probably they intend to be the unofficial international platform for the health information storage .
Here's more detailes from google blogoscoped.
Google is becoming major player in ours health/medical 2.0 world.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

one of the best websites 2007 -Time

I found imtooyoungforthis as one of the 50 best websites selected by the Times.
This a place for young adults , under 40 years old , affected by cancer.
The website is more like a portal dedicate for all the needs for those youngers :
1.Social networks
2. Linkks for financial supporting.
3. Information about support organizations, scholarships, fertility education and more others subjects.
Us, as physicians, should be aware of such recommended place on the web for young people who have to struggle for their lives and give them ours web knowledge regarding this web site.
Remember :
One of the major roles in the medicine 2.0 world is to offer better quality of life to our patients.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ours web professional identity

Tooday I observed about two items which related to the issue of "web identity"
For long time I'm intersted in this psychological and social phenomenon.
Yes, it's not new , but its becoming more and more powerfull.
For us as physicians, its even more important because we are observed more and more by our patients through the web.
So , here's
a link for a nice and clever article on this subject which also deals with a new concept of "web reputation manager". (Someone who will keep and manage ours web identity).
Think about the negative influence in our sector:
Is it will be more important to make all your efforts for being more professional or to make and establish your own web identity?).
Think about the positive influence:
The "viral marketing" phenomenon by the web can help break through traditional barriers : everyone has the potential to add his own professional ideas/opinions and participate in central and influence discussions in his speciality even if he is still a young junior or even a med student. Whats count his your quality of idea, not yours tradition place in the "guilde"

Another example of the buzz around this subject is the releasing of a new platform , called
It's all about "people search engine".
It's only in his early phase so dont expect he will fullfill all your wishes concerning such a web platform, but still it is one of the firsts in a promising new land on the web "exploring about people".
As we are looking for colleagues through the web and others (including our patients) are searching about us it is related to the health/ medicine 2.0 world.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Cafescribe - Textbook 2.0

Cafescribe is a new platform in the web 2.0 world.
Their self description is : textbook 2.0 platform.
They offer the platform for students but for knowing the frequent use of physicians and researchers in e-textbook and e-publications, I'm sure that it belongs also to the medicine 2.0 world.
So what they are offering us?
1.The ability to make your own e-textbook "playlist" (readinglist).
2.Sharing others (your friends and the public) with your reading list.
3.Possibility to load and save your preffered reading items in pdf format.
4. Making notes and highlighting inside the text and let others see your comments.
5.Organize your contents by tags
6.Getting inside notes from your friends.
7.Creating simultaneous search via your shelfbook ( in the platform) , desktop and google.
Sounds like clever and useable application.