Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Biomedexperts.com - Passing over some entrance thresholds

Biomedexperts.com is another social networking in the Health 2.0 arena but yet is different in some aspects :

1. Business and marketing - Strong collaboration between two companies . One of them is Dell. Dell probably will use her strong marketing resources to help spreading the rumor about Biomedexperts among scientists.

2. Segment - Although there are several social networking in the health 2.0 sector , the more advanced ones until present are for physicians. Biomedexperts is totally dedicted her efforts among life science researchers (science 2.0).

3. Solving the problem of day "1" ? - One of the most basic business and marketing problems that any social networking have to deal with is "how to create critical mass of trafic in day "1"?.Without such traffic every potential end user who exposed to the platform can leave it for good by the fact that he doesnt find any added value . Biomedexperts trying to solve that problem by creating virtual identities of almost every searcher or scientist who has fixed number of research publications in Pubmed.
By creation such virtual environment any new active participant can find added value while exposing to enormous data about colleagues. Still , this is ,maybe,only good for solving the entrance threshold of day "1" but afterward
end users are still looking for real interaction with other members .

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Imedix - The promising Start Up for 2007 in Crunchies

congratulations to Imedix.

They won and turned to be the most promising SU for 2007 in Crunchies.
The Crunchies contest is a prestigious one. Imedix became the refreshing surprise by standing beside more known and established SU such as Twitter and even new giants as Facebook.
Its another sign that health/medical 2.0 get central attention.

Gopubmed- Interview with the C.E.O

Attached an interesting interview with Dr. Michael Alvers , the C.E.O of Gopubmed , one of the promising new semantic health search engine.
The interview was posted in "Altsearchengines" blog.

Semantic search engine must be the next step/generation in the health sector.
Gopubmed based in Dresden, Germany, is mostly focus in the research field It is going to be interesting how it will progress alongside and with the health 2.0 trend.

Some quotes from the interview:

"Our mission is to create the next generation search engine for the life sciences, which makes search much better than it was/is today. We are working to realize our vision “towards answering questions,” meaning to ease the process of getting answers"

"Today our target users are researchers in the life sciences and medical doctors interested in scientific research. These are also the users of GoPubMed today. Here is a partial list of corporations using GoPubMed: Unilever, Glaxo Smith Cline, Sanofi-Aventis, Wyeth, L’Oreal – literally the Who’s Who of Pharma and drug development, and also big research institutions like Stanford University, MIT, LMU in Munich and Harvard"

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Alternative medicine 2.0 - Community site

Last post I covered Mamaherb and exposed for you the "Alternative medicine 2.0".
So here another platform that fitting to that term.
Rootdown.us is social community for people who are interested in alternative medicine and for those who are involved in that field and working as therapists.

Basically it has all the features of classic web 2.0 social networking .
There are some extra added value sections like :
1. Search engine for formulas
2. Acumapper- Detailed map describing Acupuncture Point on the human bodey .

Dont forget that Alternative medicine 2.0 is a subsection in the health 2.0 sector.
Many Physicians today are combining convential practice alongside alternative practice, not mention that large percentage of the consumers are interested in this field.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Alternative medicine 2.0

Oficially we are covering all aspects concerning medicine/health 2.0.
In practice it is mostly about western and/ or "convential" medicine but lets not forget the important sector which called "Alternative medicine" .
Many patients are using the help of alternative medicine for their healthcare needs.
Two days ago I was introduced with a new platform called Mamaherb.com.
Its concept seems to be a variation to "Evidence based alternative medicine tool".
They are actually use some important characteristics of the web 2.0:

1.Give us the "wisdom of the crowds" concerning alternative medications and treatments for variety of medical conditions.
The spectrom of medical fiels are broad including cancer, mental health and overweight ( not mention many other fields).
2. Not only advices from key leaders therapists but using the long tail phenomenon to show us variety of recommended treatments from many unknown but experienced therapists.
3.Buliding community for consumers and alternative medicine professionals.

I like their unique "market penetration" : not to be just another community but giving added value by introducing and create public platform to share effective alternative medications/treatment.

I have only good words concerning the user interface . Clean , bright and not overloaded

I will add this site in the nearfuture to our Medical 2.0 .com Directory.
Its time to give alternative medicine a presence in the health 2.0 world.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Xoova - Searching your doctor , Making appointment on-line

Another interesting health 2.0 tool :
Xoova its not a new startup . It was founded in 2006. This name is a new one. The former one was DoctorsDirect.com . Xoova offers service to the both sides - patients and Doctors . The basic linkage is appointment service for doctors . Without using the appointment platform You can use the database to search for your Doctor by location ,specialist, treatment, conditions or name. There are over 500,000 profiles of physicians all over the states.
For the physician its an opportunity to strength their presence on the net and to offer their potential patients some self description written by their own words.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

"Open Health Education " - For school teachers and pupils and Health 2.0 in the service of teenagers

My second post today and its also on the "Open education" topic.
This time its for teachers and pupils. Excellent site helping both sides to learn and get access to educational materials.
The site called California Science from MacMillan/McGraw Hill. It contains materials, contents and activities in many aspects of science including life science and medicine /human body system.
My direct link is only to the activities/content thats belong to our sector.
You can find there :
Animated summaries and quiz.
This site supposed to be designed for students at middle-school (fourteen-years-old) and below.

Science 2.0 or Health 2.0 has a potential even among teenagers/youths :

1. Open education sites
2. Educational games
3. Virtual reality games per se or as an educational tool.
4. Support communities and social networking for the "sick child or teenager" especially in chronic conditions ( for example : Diabetes , IBD etc.)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Open education - Opportunity for the health sector

Hello and good year.
Im writing this post based on a reference from the last day of December 07.
Its about the new trend and phenomenon called Open Education.The post was published in the Washington Post.
Milions are reaching now higher education by and through the internet.
Its not the Long - distance courses that some pepole are using them through their formal degree studies .Its about universities which give access to some of their courses in the present and to their rich content on the past by delivering their archives on the web. It is done by self initiation arranged by the universities or through mainstream sites as youtube for example.
This phenomenon is an important one for the health sectors , both for professionals and consumers. The professionals can get access to important and highly professional content. Imagine how it can promote Med studies all over the world.
Even for consumers its an important trend. It can be used to deliver health isuues to the public .

Open education is going to be part of Open medicine and Health/Medical 2.0