Saturday, June 13, 2009

Use Twitter for Your Chronic Illness

So many talks and news about Twitter lately. Its also takes power on the Health 2.0 arena.

Here's an excellent post that describe how to use twitter for the benefit of the chronic illness patient. It was published just now at the BB Health blog.

The main concept is that there are so many details and situations in the daily activities and of the chronic patient which can be worth a lot from the medical aspect and in the eyes of the physician ( important anamnestic details). If someone describe in his twitter account many of these situations that directly belong or even partly belong to his medical condition than his doctor can make an important input from those 140 characters notings.For example : notings of diabetic patient or someone who suffer from chronic pain condition.

In her post Lisa Copen suggest 5 steps to use Twitter in such circumstances.

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