Friday, November 30, 2007

Another indication for the health 2.0 trend

I wrote last week that the rumor is spreading :

Health 2.0 is becoming as a known niche outside the professionals world.

Today im showing you even a strong indication for this:
A post from the well known and respected Tech blog - readwriteweb.

It was about finding your personal medical information- from the patient eyes.
The theme was diabetes but this was only a start point for making a nice review concerning the health/medical 2.0 world.
So, its about time that our niche/sector will have a respected place in the web 2.0 world.

I can mention another indication for the trend. In the blog Somewhat Frank that is covering general technology and web 2.0 issues there was post about Healt 2.0 few days ago.Frank Gruber wrote and reviewed some of the health 2.0 SU and applications that exist.

For us, it can be a nice and positive sign that we are moving forward to an higher step.
The general population, the consumers and our patient are going to discover more and more the health 2.0 sector.
This trend will be the biggest booster for everyone in this field.


Frankie Dolan said...

This is exciting to see - I guess the start of what we are all waiting for. It is as the general public really start to get involved in Health 2.0 - by using the wide variety of sites available, joining health communities, blogging, using RSS to keep updated, etc. that we will really start to see change happen. As Health 2.0 becomes main stream, we will also start to see change filter through to the traditional health related companies, which will in turn further enhance existing Health 2.0 providers - the communication circle will become complete - is there Something in the Air?

uri said...

Hi Frankie
I have the same feeling
Our sector is developed fast and becoming more and more mature.

On the other side its becoming more hard to raise money for web 2.0 ventures.