Thursday, November 1, 2007 your on-line storage backup

Although its not an health/medical 2.0 tool and even not a classic web 2.0 tool, is almost an essential one.
By Carbonite you can save some or all of the content that are saved in the hard drive. No more fears from technology disasters .
Yes, I know thats its not a new application. By technology scale its even old one, but on the other hand important one.
For doctors, researchers and other professionals in the medical fields its becoming essential. We are aggregating so many details, information, databases and knowledge (personal one) on the hard drives.
How much of that precious knowledge are we saving? . Probably a minority.
So, this is the answer why this platform is becoming to be part of the health 2.0 revolution. (You should know by now my state of mind regarding this revolution. We are already implemented it in our Medical 2.0 directory by adding general web 2.0 platforms to our lists because they are giving some kind of solution to physician and researchers in they work /professional activities).
BTW : the cost per a year is low and suitable for everyone

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