Thursday, November 1, 2007

Anatomy E-Learning Tools

Lately I was exposed to two anatomy E-Learning tools.

One of them was introduced already in "Medical 2.0 directory".
It's the Visiblebody.
It will be open to the public in mid November but from what I can observe its going to take central place in the web regarding to Anatomy studies and education.The site will include whole body 3-D model .Its going to be fully interactive and free to use by everyone through the net.

A competitor on the exact field is the already exist web tool for learning anatomy on the web called : AIA 4 (A.D.A.M Interactive Anatomy 4).
Its the fourth version from A.D.A.M company - An interactive web tool for anatomy education and learning.
Contrary to Visiblebody, AIA4 is not free. You can try a demo by filling short register file in their website.
AIA4 offering :
1. 3-D library
2. digital database of detailed anatomical images , including illustrated, fully dissectible male and female bodies.
3.over 570 Clinical Illustrations to apply anatomy learning in a clinical setting.

Its cannot replace the traditional anatomy studies but it can offer great added tools and added value for Med students as others on the field.
It can be a place for so many curious people who desire to learn understand and explore our magnificent human body

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