Saturday, November 17, 2007

Medicine 2.0 Carnival-New edition

I was thinking today that we are almost celebrating half a year for this carnival (Thanks to Bertalan Mesko , the Founder).

So many things are happaning in the world of health 2.0 . Many new ventures, many other S.U. It seems that this sector is becoming to be a mature one. One of the symptoms for that is so many posts all over the blogsphere that are dedicated to the content of medicine and web. By that fact , this blog carnival is becomung more and more important. Its more complicated but more challenging to give the right scope of "what happaned in the last two weeks in Health 2.0 world".Also we must to be more criticized and ask more questions regarding every new venture which appear to us every second morning.

I think that that we are close to a critical mass of Health 2.0 applications that offer service to professionals and or consumers by using a "traditional" components of web 2.0 ( amazing that some of the web 2.0 components already looks to us as traditional , not mention conservative).We are waiting to see and also contribute to the next generation of the health 2.0 ventures ( im sure they are on the way).

I hope you are dont dislike the fact Im using this stage for some opening sentences in the beginning. I want to offer to some of my friends and collegues to start more "friendly criticize" writing and discussion between us. I also think that C.E.O's in our field can contribute more and more to challenging dialoges.

And now to our carnival's content :

Constructive medicine 2.0 wrote a post that showing how big is the "wave" of medicine 2.0 in the web .He mentioned some example for that. Thanks Rahul for writing about my "meical 2.0 directory" while giving examples for your theme.

Dean Giustini from Open Medicine Blog wrote a post which summerize some aspects and direction who belongs to the "health 2.0 applications for the consumers".Its including the new service which gives the patients the ability to book appointments online.

My friend walter jessen from Highlight Health offered us review about the new Elseviers project for sharing knowledge with consumers, patients ands family members in the fields of biomedical and cancer research.

Its an opportunity to say : "happy birthday" to scienceroll.

Bertalan Mesko worked so hard this year and became one of the central players in the health 2.0 scene.

And as i mentioned his work through its blog I think its worth writing about is post about interesting material on other educational opportunities of Second Life.If you are reading his blog , Bertalan is offering us excellent reviews about the medical materials on this virtual world.
Another interesting post is about Facebook applications in science and medicine. Bertalan summerize for us interesting applications in the health 2.0 world on the big hype- Facebook.

David Rothman showed us some examples of the excellent Google's costum search engines for health information.

BBGM shared with us a cover of a new service started last october in Pubmed :
PubMed users will see links to a drug information resource on over two million citations. PubMed’s AbstractPlus display format includes links to “Patient Drug Information” from MedMaster™.

In Sciencebase there is an important and clever review about Yahoo pipes for scientists.What is Yahoo pipes?.Allow me to cited from the post :
"Yahoo Pipes is an interactive feed aggregator and manipulator. Pipes is a free online service that lets you remix popular feed types and create data mashups using a visual editor. You can use Pipes to run your own web projects, or publish and share your own web services without ever having to write a line of code.”

Microsoft's worldwild health director Bill Crounse, MD, wrote in his blog about the future and opportunities regarding mobile phones and medicine.Regarding my words at the beginning here is a new horizon for the health 2.0 sector.

In web 2.0 and medicine I found nice post dealing with the question : "Why is important to learn about web 2.0 and medicine?".


The is written and edited by the Co-Founders of the health 2.0 conference. Im sure its going to take central place in the nearest future.

Good luck.

Its important to mention their last post regarding web video series called The Digital Health Revoution.

Franky Dolan is the founder of medworm . She started lately writing a personal blog about the health 2.0 world. Its worth mention it for two reasons :
Im sure she has many wise things and ideas to write about them.
As an important contribuer by her medworm project/s.


Maybe is the U.I maybe is the subject, or the magnificant design and graphics, I cant really put my finger on ,but it tooks my attention and I decided its worth to write about it to all of you in this carnival. I had a post about it in my blog and I already add it to Medical 2.0 directory but I recommend all of you to watch and see Visiblebody - the new platform for learning Anatomy by and through the web .

I hope you enjoyed reading this edition
Please, share with me your ideas and thoughts

Next edition is going to be in web 2.0 and medicine


Berci Meskó said...

Thank you for mentioning my birthday! :)

Great edition again!

Frankie Dolan said...

Many thanks Uri for the kind introduction to my blog. To be associated with the adjective 'wise' is indeed an honour and one I must now try hard to live up to. The great/terrible thing about blogging is that one becomes committed to what one says. I describe my blog as 'health 2.0' - next you mention it in your carnival - now I am obliged to write more on this topic - which I shall endeavour to do right now!
I liked your introduction to the carnival by the way - rather than just a summary of what people are saying, it is good to have your thoughts on how the Health 2.0 discussion may progress.
All the best,

rahul said...

Thanks for the write up about Constructive Medicine 2.0.I agree with you that we need to have more “constructive criticisms” on the topic of Medicine 2.0 if it has to grow.It could be the blue ocean of health care industry.

uri said...

Thanks all of you for your comments
I really hope that my words at the beginning will be a corner stone for all of us although we are welcome everyone to try and express their ideas bythrough new innovations


Anonymous said...

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David Bradley Computing Tips said...

Thanks for the link to my Yahoo Pipes for Scientists item on, I also run a more techy (as opposed to sciencey) site called Significant Figures and recently had a detailed HowTo from a guest blogger on the subject of using Yahoo Pipes, which may be more broadly interesting to your Carnival goers.


Kerm22 said...

Just wanted to let you know that is live and you can now use it (free).