Sunday, December 9, 2007

The other side of the "Health 2.0" trend - obstacle or opportunity

I was talking and wrote lately about the indications for what I called : " The Health 2.0 trend".
Indeed there is much more interest from the mainstream web 2.0 community towards the Health/medicine 2.0 niche.
But still most of our optional consumers ( both professionals and patients) are not aware of these applications on the net.
The best description I read lately about this subject was by Peter Beck in his blog .
Peter described well how most of the physicians are lacking basic knowledge and even interest on the current developement on the net.
Most of them are not using internet platforms for their education and professional knowledge. Others , most of the time, are using only traditionals platforms like searching via google, searching in medline etc.

By coincidence I disscused this situation with my partner and one of the Co-Founders of "Medical 2.0 Directory".
We are feeling the same way but for us its an opportunity not an obsstacle.
Im positively sure that the the number of users will grow more and more.
I believe that its not a matter of years but a matter of monthes.

Look where the general social networking such as Facebook is standing today comparing to last year. Today you can ask your neighbor if he has page on facebook.Maybe you will get a positive or a negative answer but surely he will not stare eyes on you.
Thats what I mean by "Health 2.0 trend". We are far away from this position, yet, but it soon to be come. This will be in two parallel vectors. The adoption of the health 2.0 applications by professionals as the adoption by consumers/patients.
Together they will create a major power in the web 2.0 world.
The early signs I mentioned lately are already here.
We, the early adaptors and the initiators of ventures in the field should feel like pioneers . We have vision and we have to move with it in front of our eyes.

This post can be understood somehow contradictory to the statement I wrote previousley- that we must be more criticized with the new ventures upcoming in our field.
Well, criticism will make our niche more grown up and developed in a faster way . By being more critical with ourselves we will be more suited when the small river will become to a stormy one.

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