Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Scirus topic pages - Scientist sharing their knowledge

Its more a science 2.0 platform than medical 2.0 platform but it has the potential to aggregate a strong professional content.
It is in the Beta phase and its still lack enough content but this is the "magic problem" of many others medical/health 2.0 platforms who are strongly depends on the users traffic and involvement.
Scirus topic pages :
Its contain two majors section :
1. Niche search engine ( There is already strong competition in this field)
2.Platform for collaboration and sharing for scientis. Its based on the concept of open access combined with a Wikis like platform.

Disadvantages :
Without focusing ( search engine , community/sharing platform)
Dont add something unique . Its looks like you see it or hear about it before.
Not so crowded yet (for scientists)

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