Friday, February 29, 2008

virtual conference in the healthcare sector

Not many of us, physicians and/or other professionals in the health and biomed sectors aware of the power and the opportunities in the virtual world - Second life
One of the possibilities there is to participate in many professionals meetings and virtual conferences.
This is going to be one of the emerging fields in the health 2.0 sector.
There are inputs from the ground that its going to be a hot trend.
One of these input is the virtual presentation/demo that gives a general introduction for the next virtual Himms coference this year.
It will be the second conference while the first one took place in May 2007.
If you are looking for more detailes for the next coming conference just visit here:

Im not sure on base of which platform this virtual conference is going to be but its similiar to the platform of an Israeli SU called Unisfair.
Recently Unisfair raised another 10M$ from Norwest Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital so it seems that some strong players think its a promising field.
Its interesting to read about experience with this virtual conference.
One of the sides are the organizers. here is a link for a short interview with an organizer ( its not an health conference but it can give us some ampiric detailes concerning these virtual meetings).

In the near future im sure we will see more applications and web platforms combining the virtual world to the health/medical sector and vice versa.

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The HIMSS Virtual Event Runs on the InXpo Platform