Saturday, February 9, 2008

Trusera - Consumers for consumers

Trusera its quite new health 2.0 start- up.

The Seattle-based Health/medical 2.0 company released only last december their beta version.

What is it ? :

A free invitation-only network of people who care about health.
Its about connecting consumers who experienced variety of medical conditions and treatments with others who are seeking for advices or looking to meet others which had "been there".

Their firs role is to gather a critical mass of experienced pepole who will be the central core of the platform. They shall have to attract all the others.
Its like trying to capture the "middle zone" . Not only consumers to consumers or professional to consumers but unprofessional people who collected enough reliable information through and by their own life experience. is privately held with funding by a team of angel investors with experience from, Expedia, WashingtonMutual etc.
Until now they raised nearly 2M$ .

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