Thursday, February 14, 2008

Doccheck - Another community for Healthcare professionals

The official numbers are impressive for niche social community such as Doccheck - more than 500,000 users.
Its probably the leading healthcare community in Europe . The origin is from Germany.
These days they are intending to enlarge their community by openning their platform in variety of countries around the globe.It means offering multilingual platform and some related content in each country site.
Although the community is spreading today outside Europe the beginning was in Germany.
The Firms public information is that as 50 % of the german physician are members in this site. I presume that some of them are not really active.

Doccheck Faces is a simple Health/Medical 2.0 community .They are giving all the traditional applications of "web 2.0 community".
Their strength is of being the first in the neighborhood(Europe) . Maybe even being a "simple platform" is helping them with the busy consumers- the physicians.In the other hand this is their weakness as well - They must find out themselves again.Many others are oferring the same application.

Note :

Their have a unique database by offering to their registrated members a password system who used to control access to over 1700 websites with professional related content.

By my opinion their UI design is lacking

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