Friday, February 15, 2008

Learning anatomy on the web

Nextdimension released lately their new version of Anatomy lab - Anatomy labll

Application features :

1. High level resolution models -3D models
2.Full detailed sections including several thousand parts of bones, muscles and ligaments.
3. Ability to Add your own anatomical content and share it with students, colleagues or other AnatomyLab users globally.
4. Ability to Dissect the model and create your own customized building blocks


Single liscence costs 540 Euros
There are package deals for groups/ classes

This is another interesting application among others in the anatomical e-learning sector.

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Mike said...

With the release of AnatomyLab II, Next Dimension Imaging has progressed with the goal to complement and to substitute charts and plastics anatomy models by 3d models in education and training of medical professionals.

AnatomyLab II contains the largest 3d model, that has ever been integrated into a single application. Since it provides unparalleled, sectional loading of body regions, level of detail and accuracy go far beyond that of presently existing full body 3d Anatomy viewers.

Also, AnatomyLab II can offer more than exploration in high close-up 3d views. View sharing and addition of customized content make it a powerful base for presenting and learning human Anatomy. The feature to quickly take the model apart, make the exploration of the body an exciting experience.

AnatomyLab II has 2400 lookup links into Wikipedia (Anatomy) in the language of the users choice. It is not only a 3d viewer and a web-enabled presentation platform but also a rich source of reference for students, teachers, doctors and patients. In fact, AnatomyLab represents a new type of anatomy learning media, a hybrid between a local application and an online application, combining the advantages of both.

A free version with few restrictions compared to the full version can be downloaded from the company web site at . Good news is that the Wikipedia lookup features were fully implemented in the free version.

Next Dimension Imaging has announced that a upgrade with all body systems included, will be released soon.