Friday, February 22, 2008

Give your patients advice - "How to find high qualified medical content"

How to find the exact medical information is a challenge both to professionals and patients/consumers.

The developement of health 2.0 sites may help some for organization the medical content on the web but it will not solve the problem :
Existence of unproven and uncorrect content.

If we are looking from the patients eyes its important also for us , the physicians, that the consumers will look for "good" materials on the web. It can solves problems of communication with the people on the other side of the table ( lets remember that everyone is on the same side anyhow).
Communication between the doctor and the patient is one of the key factor for treatment success.
I found lately this new article posted on CNN/Health .
Its trying to summarize some good advices for those patients who looks for medical content on the web (It seems that everyone are doing this).

This article is important for the professionals as one of their roles is to guide their patient in every aspect concerning medicine /helth/ preventive medicine

Ifound this article summarize this issue in simplicity and brightness way.
It gives some affiliation sites as well.

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Dan Kogan said...

They key to Health 2.0 sites is the parallel interaction between patients and doctors. The information provided is not supposed to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment, but as a guide to finding the best care for a given problem or condition. It is important that the information needed is available to patients and that is where the heart of these new sites lies.