Saturday, January 5, 2008

Open education - Opportunity for the health sector

Hello and good year.
Im writing this post based on a reference from the last day of December 07.
Its about the new trend and phenomenon called Open Education.The post was published in the Washington Post.
Milions are reaching now higher education by and through the internet.
Its not the Long - distance courses that some pepole are using them through their formal degree studies .Its about universities which give access to some of their courses in the present and to their rich content on the past by delivering their archives on the web. It is done by self initiation arranged by the universities or through mainstream sites as youtube for example.
This phenomenon is an important one for the health sectors , both for professionals and consumers. The professionals can get access to important and highly professional content. Imagine how it can promote Med studies all over the world.
Even for consumers its an important trend. It can be used to deliver health isuues to the public .

Open education is going to be part of Open medicine and Health/Medical 2.0

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