Sunday, January 6, 2008

"Open Health Education " - For school teachers and pupils and Health 2.0 in the service of teenagers

My second post today and its also on the "Open education" topic.
This time its for teachers and pupils. Excellent site helping both sides to learn and get access to educational materials.
The site called California Science from MacMillan/McGraw Hill. It contains materials, contents and activities in many aspects of science including life science and medicine /human body system.
My direct link is only to the activities/content thats belong to our sector.
You can find there :
Animated summaries and quiz.
This site supposed to be designed for students at middle-school (fourteen-years-old) and below.

Science 2.0 or Health 2.0 has a potential even among teenagers/youths :

1. Open education sites
2. Educational games
3. Virtual reality games per se or as an educational tool.
4. Support communities and social networking for the "sick child or teenager" especially in chronic conditions ( for example : Diabetes , IBD etc.)