Thursday, December 27, 2007

H2-02 : Scheduling Software for Medical Residents

H2-O2 is a medical residency scheduling tool.
The application gives end to end solution for those who are in charge of making the shifts calendar in every ward.
Shifts and calls for schedules can be created with one click using the Typical Week feature. Holidays and other circumstances can be adjusted around the regular shift and call times. Additionally, H2-O2 keeps track of requests for days off, visiting residents, minimum time required between shifts or calls, number of weekend calls or shifts, number of day shifts and nightshifts, and desired number of calls for each resident.
Automatic highlighting shows candidates who qualify for shifts—there’s also an instant pro and cons bubble which shows up before you add a resident to a particular shift. Mistakes are highlighted in red, while free personnel are indicated in green.
Should you make any mistakes entering dates or other data the program highlights the problem as soon as it is detected. That way you can correct it with no wasted time.
Its a sort of medical /health calendar 2.0

Looks it has the potential to bring some value to Sisyphean and even frustrating task.

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