Thursday, January 17, 2008

Alternative medicine 2.0 - Community site

Last post I covered Mamaherb and exposed for you the "Alternative medicine 2.0".
So here another platform that fitting to that term. is social community for people who are interested in alternative medicine and for those who are involved in that field and working as therapists.

Basically it has all the features of classic web 2.0 social networking .
There are some extra added value sections like :
1. Search engine for formulas
2. Acumapper- Detailed map describing Acupuncture Point on the human bodey .

Dont forget that Alternative medicine 2.0 is a subsection in the health 2.0 sector.
Many Physicians today are combining convential practice alongside alternative practice, not mention that large percentage of the consumers are interested in this field.


Martin said...

Thanks for the information

Dr Alison Grimston said...

Dear Uri,

Thank you again for this information. It will be great to have easy access to the acupuncture points - we use elements of these for kinesiology & acupressure. I have access to points for pet owners to use on their dogs and cats, and this will be really useful in my GP practice for self help.

Dr Alison Grimston