Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Biomedexperts.com - Passing over some entrance thresholds

Biomedexperts.com is another social networking in the Health 2.0 arena but yet is different in some aspects :

1. Business and marketing - Strong collaboration between two companies . One of them is Dell. Dell probably will use her strong marketing resources to help spreading the rumor about Biomedexperts among scientists.

2. Segment - Although there are several social networking in the health 2.0 sector , the more advanced ones until present are for physicians. Biomedexperts is totally dedicted her efforts among life science researchers (science 2.0).

3. Solving the problem of day "1" ? - One of the most basic business and marketing problems that any social networking have to deal with is "how to create critical mass of trafic in day "1"?.Without such traffic every potential end user who exposed to the platform can leave it for good by the fact that he doesnt find any added value . Biomedexperts trying to solve that problem by creating virtual identities of almost every searcher or scientist who has fixed number of research publications in Pubmed.
By creation such virtual environment any new active participant can find added value while exposing to enormous data about colleagues. Still , this is ,maybe,only good for solving the entrance threshold of day "1" but afterward
end users are still looking for real interaction with other members .

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Anonymous said...

I found this site by accident, and as I am apparently listed, would like to see what is there. But I just can't get registered. I've tried multiple times weeks apart and my registration just disappears. Is there any secret? Like might I already be registered? Thanks for any thoughts.