Friday, December 14, 2007

Google's Knol - In the eyes of the Health 2.0 sector

Yesterday Google announced Googles Knol - Their new project who will compete wikipedia.The concept is almost the same with some variants. Authors will edit and write about specific items. The result will be mapping and sharing the overall knowledge that are kept by the crowds.The idea, probably is that in some sectors like Health and Science , key knowledge leaders will be in front of the crowd and manage the knowledge in their specialized sectors.
Its going to be interesting how it will influence the the health and science sectors.
We should understand that gooles motivation is that this Knols pages, at least the populars on every items wull be ranked on the top of Googles search engine.
Googles also announced that there will be possibility to add ads on the Knols pages.Now you can imagine that there will be people and firms on the health sectors who will find great interests on specific Knols pages. The end result can be an enchanted circle.Big firms and other "deep pockets" organizations that put adds on specific Knols pages and contribute by marketing inside and outside the web for the popularity of these pages. Another posibillity is hiring key leaders to write specific items by firms/organizations.Some of this writing can be inflenced and not totally objective.

Anyhow its going to be interesting from the web 2.0 as well Health /medicine 2.0 perpective.

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