Saturday, October 6, 2007

I covered in the past some video tools for scientist and physicians.
Just for example : Scivee and Jove.
You know already my thoughts regarding the power and the future impacts of the media and the video abilities on the "health/medicine 2.0" world.

Here, I'm presenting another service called Labaction.
Its another video sharing tool. A niche tool for scientists and researcher.
In Labaction you can upload your own casts and see and view others webcasts. There is an option for making your own playlist and essential others web 2.0 tools such tags and etc.
Still they have problems :
1. The streaming is still suffering
2. The content for my opinion is not only top -notch scientific material.
3. Lack of content ( this is a matter of time....?)

My advice to them is to concentrate only in a top- notch content.
Researchers, physicians and scientists will not spent their precious free time in the evenings or even at work but only in a pure professional tools.

In The last pharse I mentioned one of the issues every health 2.0 web company must handle with : "keep on with pure and high professionality"

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