Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The new age of the outpatients clinics

I want to inroduce you with a new concept and a new way of handling outpatient clinic.
Its about the clinic of DR. Jay Parkinson
He offers combination of traditional visits in his clinic with other communication possibilities through and by the web.
You can chat with your doctor regarding your physical condition. You can make with him video chats as well. You can maintain your connection with him by email as well.The others communication ways of visiting him can be done only after he knows you personally and i assume understand your current medical status.
So he is saving time and costs to his patients and for him too.
He is making his medical service more reachable to his patients.
I can offer him and can think about other applications that can be used by him as well:

1. I mentioned once the idea of using twitter application for patients with chronic illness.
2.Using an online calendar for the service of his patients.
3.Writing a blog for the service of his patients (writing posts about prevention, immunizations, medications and side efects etc.).
I know that he writes blog now but i mean to an educational blog in the service of his patients.

But we must understand not to forget our patients and not leaving the intimacy meetings far away from us.
Even today most of the interaction between us, the physicians, and our patients is happening with a middle broker - the computer. We must keep and save the central part of the "four eyes" meetings and discussions in the world of clinic medicine.

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