Monday, September 24, 2007

Phreesia- New "checking in" tool for patients

Its not only for the patients. It can give some added values to the doctors- patients communication.
We are talking about Phreesia.
So what is Phreesia?
Its a company that developes wireless webpads for the service of our patients while they are waiting in the clinic.
Its actually creation of a new format for the patients check- in.
The "phreesiapad" is a touch screen.
The patients are writing very easilly their anamnestic detailes (the new ones). They can also get previous information regarding their medical history and status.
Concerning the "new" problem , they can get new medical information, but before that they, as the doctors later, can earn from advanced questions regarding the new problem they described about.

This month the company Secured $10.25M Series B Funding.
There are some questions regarding their business and financial model .
For now it is based on sponsorships.
Dont you think it can raise up some ethical questions?
Are the waiting rooms in ours outpatient clinics will become a place for agressive promotion by pharma companies? (or maybe other commercial sectors as well)?

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