Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Medical 2.0- A new health 2.0 directory for all of you


I want to share with you a new platform called - Medical 2.0. ( I'm one of the founders)

Its a new platform/ service for physicians, researchers, other professionals in the fields of medicine and biological science .
Actually is for the service of every patient and consumers , so its for the benefit of everyone.
What is it about ? :

Its a directory that aggregate applications, platforms and websites that their content are on the fields of medicine and life science and they are based on web 2.0 tools.
We understand that we are in the beginning of a major change in the interaction between medicine and the net ( the web).
The new generation called web 2.0 gives a huge added value to the health sector.
We, by Medical 2.0 . com , will hope to create a gate to the health 2.0 worlds for professionals which already use these platforms but also for new adaptors.

So, we added until now a lot of platforms but its only the beginning.
We are planning to add more in the near future .(actually we will add more and more on a weekly basis).
We also be pleased to share your knowledge and exprience in the field and expose us with yours favourites platforms and application.

What is unique about medical 2.0:

1. establishing well developed aggregation tool in the field of health/medicine 2.0
2.Create a base for a future social networking through the experince of the platforms showed in medical 2.0.
3.Gives a detailed knowledge in the interaction between health, web 2.0 and consumers. It is so important that the doctors will be a broker between this world and the consumers. It will be a part from our duty for ours patients.

Physicians, researchers and other professionals in the field dont have a lot of free time to spent on the web and look after and for new applications.
We are intending to do it for them.

The directory is designed to have subjects that are specified in the medical and/or scientific fields ( example : medical video tools) and general subjects that we think that the platforms that mentiond on the top of them can create an added value for the professionals (examples : on- line office tools ).

Some of you who have a strong knowledge in the field will be familiar with some of the platforms. You must remember that the site is not just for the health 2.0 professionals. Our duty is to expose others to them ( although you will enjoy also from a central place makes such an aggregation).

We see this current phase as a beta phase so we will be glad to hear yours advise and comments.

Enjoy , Bookmark, Share with others, Spread the news.


lasik scottsdale said...

This is great! This should be a really valuable tool, thank you for putting it out there.

uri said...


It is a valuable and we are intending to developed it more and more