Monday, October 22, 2007

Medical search engine- a competitive niche

I wrote in the past about several medical search engines.
This niche is "hot" these days.
Everyone understand the power beyond ultimat medical search engine.
Microsoft purchased Medstory . Google is deep inside the health 2.0 race also ( see my last post as an evidence and example for this).
Curbside.MD is another example and I must say a good one.

1. You can naturally phrase medical and clinical questions in the search bar. Its like asking your tutor or your coleague professional question.

2. There are well defined sections . Including "Quick Consult" section for getting high level review results and "The Best Evidence " to get in- depth results and answers for your questions.

3. There is an algorithm to get the "best hits" results and also results under the topics "clinical trials" and "visual diagnosis".

I will add this platform to ours Medical 2.0 directory.
But he will have strong competition from the others including the "big lions"
Its going to be so interesting in the "medical search engine" this year and in the following year as well.

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