Friday, September 7, 2007

Spruz- creating your personal web page

We discussed already the subject of " being here on the net" .
Tooday more than ever you have to manage your web identity .
Basically you have to be there. You have to create and developed your existency.
One of the tools is to create your own web page . Building your own web station.
Nowdays it's becoming more and more simple. Without any technoloy knowledge you can create well developed and costumized web page.
One platform that gives you the opportunity for that is Spruz.
You select the web design (theme) and can add many applications such as :
Content management tools
Search engine and etc.

By Spruz you can build so easilly personal web page so:

1. Create your personal web page
2. Create your personal professional web page as a physician as a researcher
3. Create your outpatient clinic web page
4.Create the private web page for your ward

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