Sunday, September 16, 2007

GrandCentral - Control your phone world

Every one of us is facing with this situation ( or almost everyone):

We have several phone numbers (not including one or more email accounts and IM tools) .Some of them are currently working, some of them are old ones. We change work places, we change mobile phones and with them mobile phone numbers.

In the world of bussy sectors like the health sector I met so many people who have different phone numbers for different situations.
How many doctors do you know who have phone number especially for their outpatient clinic and different mobile phone number for their patients or mates/ residents at the hospital ( not mention, different number to their private life?).
How many of them want that different sectors will call at different hours via seperate roots? ( For example : someone who prefers all his hospital patients will call him only direct to his outpatient clinics phone while he is working there).

GrandCentral develops solution for these kind of situations.

The company was founded in 2006.The basic idea behind them is creating one phone number for everyone for life. This will be your public number.
By that single phone number you can control all your incoming and outcoming communications ( not mention that you dont have to update your numbers everytime you change home phone number or mobile number).
They are using VOIP technology to converage all your phone numbers to one point of contact.
You can choose that different phones will ring for different sectors or persons in different times. You can change it whenever you want. Its so easy to do it - just log in to yuor private account by the web.
You can control and manage your voice male either.
Now go back to the examples I wrote above and see how you can manage and control the different dimensions of your professional world and also keep some privacy for your own life and your family life.
Grand Central is a web service. Lately they where acquired by Google.
Yes, The phone market is taking his place in the web 2.0 world.
For me is also a very usefull medicine/health 2.0 tool because of its usability and necessity for the bussy professionals in the health sector and because phone communication is a key tool in our working enviroment. ( I still remember my nights phone calls to the words seniors as a junior ).
Still, you have to remember that this service is still in the beta phase.


Jenny said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm a physician also and I'm trying to incorporate Grand Central into my practice also. What I'm starting with is eliminating my pager so I can carry one device (a BlackBerry) and instead of dialing my pager, my patients can all the Grand Central number which will ring my cellphone, show up as Grand Central (and their number) and eliminate the callback/paging altogether. What do you think?