Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Difussion of the " medicine 2.0 concept"


Everything is probably coming in pairs

Here, I'm going to mention CDC again.This time is to introduce you with one of their latests posts :
Virtual Community Health Promotion by Richard Crespo, PhD
It's about the power of web communities in the service of health and medical issues.
The writer mentioned wikis, social networking and blogs.He also gives some examples and ideas how to use this concept.
For me it's another example and empiric data that the concepts of the medical 2.0 are becoming more and more popular and obvious to physicians, researchers and key leaders in the health sector.

Look and see the influance of this review by the eyes of another blogger in our sector:
"Web 2.0 - Do people in health get it?"
It's also a chance to introduce you with another blogger and blog ( good ones).


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Sally said...

Hi Dr Ginzburg,

Thank you for mentioning my blog!

Things are moving along nicely with my web 2.0 health project and people within health (where I work that is) are now very interested in participating.

We can only hope that more reports of this nature come out in the future as it certainly does make trying to implement new technologies and tools much easier!

Sally Lakeman