Monday, August 27, 2007

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention bought his own island in Second Life


I'm dedicating this post to my collegue Bertalan Mesko from scienceroll ( who writes a lot about Second life):

CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) bought an island in Second Life world this month. They paid for it 2,000$.
This purchase is part of "being there" and established the CDC existancy in the virtual world.
The strategy is to reach a new audiance in the web world by running such an island.
The island will be the center of the CDC in Second Life world.
A lot of people think that living your life through avators in the virtual world will be more and more popular and common . Maybe it will become the way people will navigate in the web in the near future.
The CDC intending to open the island for public this fall.


thestoryofhealing said...

Their presence would be a good addition and very relevant in Second Life.

Berci Meskó said...

Dear Uri! Thank you for mentioning me. :)

NHS London, Red Cross both have a Second Life HQ as well.

Electronic Medical Records Information said...

Why would you need a Center for Disease Control and Prevention in world where there are no diseases? Seriously, you cannot get sick in Second Life ... at least not yet.

It's kind of cool that the CDC established its presence in the online world, but I'm not sure what value it delivers to Americans. Maybe they plan to showcase top secret disease fighting tools only available in the real world? :)

EMR Software Information Guy