Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ours web professional identity

Tooday I observed about two items which related to the issue of "web identity"
For long time I'm intersted in this psychological and social phenomenon.
Yes, it's not new , but its becoming more and more powerfull.
For us as physicians, its even more important because we are observed more and more by our patients through the web.
So , here's
a link for a nice and clever article on this subject which also deals with a new concept of "web reputation manager". (Someone who will keep and manage ours web identity).
Think about the negative influence in our sector:
Is it will be more important to make all your efforts for being more professional or to make and establish your own web identity?).
Think about the positive influence:
The "viral marketing" phenomenon by the web can help break through traditional barriers : everyone has the potential to add his own professional ideas/opinions and participate in central and influence discussions in his speciality even if he is still a young junior or even a med student. Whats count his your quality of idea, not yours tradition place in the "guilde"

Another example of the buzz around this subject is the releasing of a new platform , called
It's all about "people search engine".
It's only in his early phase so dont expect he will fullfill all your wishes concerning such a web platform, but still it is one of the firsts in a promising new land on the web "exploring about people".
As we are looking for colleagues through the web and others (including our patients) are searching about us it is related to the health/ medicine 2.0 world.

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Victor Castilla said...

What you write about professional identity is really true. But as you say there are not to many people who realize that each time we enter to the internet and do something we left a "fingerprint" there. A fingerprint that can be easily traced. More than ever, the use of common sense is paramount, in a world that is lacking of it.