Saturday, August 4, 2007

Cafescribe - Textbook 2.0

Cafescribe is a new platform in the web 2.0 world.
Their self description is : textbook 2.0 platform.
They offer the platform for students but for knowing the frequent use of physicians and researchers in e-textbook and e-publications, I'm sure that it belongs also to the medicine 2.0 world.
So what they are offering us?
1.The ability to make your own e-textbook "playlist" (readinglist).
2.Sharing others (your friends and the public) with your reading list.
3.Possibility to load and save your preffered reading items in pdf format.
4. Making notes and highlighting inside the text and let others see your comments.
5.Organize your contents by tags
6.Getting inside notes from your friends.
7.Creating simultaneous search via your shelfbook ( in the platform) , desktop and google.
Sounds like clever and useable application.

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