Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dabble- Ours video aggregation tool

You already know I like to share with you tools and platforms from the web 2.0 world which have give added value to the physician's and researchers world . (No, I don't forget the other sectors ...).
Tooday I want to introduce you with Dubble.
Its a video aggregation tool - simple as that.
Theese days are the days of the web video platforms. In the past I wrote about the central place of the video platforms in the web 2.0 and the health 2.0 world.
There are now more and more video platforms on the web. The idea of dabble is to be one stop shop for you- the end users.
You can watch the videos from many other platforms , save them in your own playlist and share them with others. Simple as that.Everything in one place.
Among the videos platforms that Dubble is covering you can find : Google video, Revver, Dailymotion , Youtube etc.
They are suppose to cover more than 600 web video platfrms.
Yes, most of the videos even in our sectors ( health, medicine...) are not for professionals, but still, with good looking and search we will find all the professional material there ( and believe me, there is such professional videos in these sites.

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