Saturday, June 7, 2008

Establishing a web world for junior scientists

The University of Leicester Research Training Innovation Fund has funded a new project. Its an Health 2.0/science 2.0 project

They are trying to establish a small social networks for junior scientists which are lacking an important professional connections with their colleagues in the real world on the base that they are tend to work in an isolate environmemt ( small labs and on private projects/research).

The concept is to create seeds of small social networks that in the future will connect between themselves and will create a huge platform of brain storming for those who are really need it in the right time of their careers and they are lacking the right resources ( budgets and time) for that in this stage of their professional life.

The platform will bring some well known web 2.0 applications such as:

Rss , Microblogging tools, Wikis, Social bookmarking .

I think this is an important and a unique project :

1. The concept of not bieng a SU but a "kind of a research program" will give them an advantage to be more criticise and to learn more deeply the truely needs of the scientists from the web in general and from social networks particular

2. They choose the "right market" for this kind of project - Eager scientists who are willing to improve their abilities and professional connections. Most of them are probably young and are more prone to adopt advanced web
3. The concept of "small networks" will help them to examine more carefully the pro's and cons of the project and the applications within the networking.

So good luck guys
Let us know how you are progressing


AJ Cann said...

We will! There will be regular updates on when the project starts in September 2008.

Ethan said...

That is so cool! I'll have to tell my friend about it sense hes so interested in science.


Alexander v. Freyhold said...

The project seems similar to our science web 2.0 project . We are a group of young scientists that have developed the platform.