Monday, May 26, 2008

What is our role as bloggers?

In the last days im thinking about us - the bloggers and our role in conjuction with the industry in general or in the Health 2.0 world specifically.

Do we have to be always a "cheerleaders" of every entrepreneur in the field or we are taking more serious part and sometimes even can criticize some trends in general and even specific application when we think it can contribute to positive and constructive discussion?

I had these thoughts again after I wrote a minor criticism regarding a new site called

unfortunately it seems that some entrepreneurs are taking personally any kind of criticism.


Criticism is a part of developement
Its a matter of maturity to accept criticism and its one of the first and importanat gates that every entrepreneur must pass through.
As I wrote before it only for the matter of building a stormy dialog.

Everyone who is respect such constructive dialog should promote such kind of criticism side by side to compliments and enthusiasm from platforms and application which deserve it.