Saturday, June 28, 2008

Intelligent search engine

Everyone are looking for the killer application that will enable intelligent search platform for health information.

Its mostly needed for consumers who find themselves eager for such information.

The information is already there on the web but its so cahotic and time consuming so we need the right tools to bring us high quality health information.

there's already various SU which are trying to resolve this problem.Its going to be one of the hot subjects in the health 2.0 world.
There will not be only one winner. Probably there will be few ones. The winners will bring huge value to patients/consumers .
To this neighborhood we are expecting to have a new member called
The basic concept of this platform will be a questionnaire form that will enable to understand the right information needs of the consumers.
In their site meanwhile there is only a promo " going to be here soon" - In July. So we are waiting for you, guys.
The people beyond this venture have a mix and rich knowledge concerning :
Medical practice, innovation, web world and applications.

Good Luck


dentist india said...

good post.imedix is also good

allende said...

This is a really interesting topic. In fact i'm involve in the development of a new biomedical search engine call novo|seek. (we hope to have something ready after the summer)

However it seems to me that we are mixing vertical search engines with others types of web health services that are also coming strong. Google heath, imedix our keyose are not the same as goPubMed or Medstory and are far from Scopus, Scirus although they are all web health information resources. The information and functionality that they offer is different. In fact they are thought for different targets.

Health in the internet is already hitting hard and is getting more and more interesting.

Josh Rosenthal said...

the key to intelligent search is the ability of the engine to find all the relevant links to the search terms. these links can be words, phrases, people,etc. The engine has to "learn" from the user as he or she iterates through the search process without the luxury of RDF tags.
I am in the business of building a very smart search and research tool for life sciences based natural language processing and other approaches to network analysis.