Monday, March 10, 2008

Social networking for physicians - Updated on Medical

Yesterday we updated our Medical site with several more social networking and communities for physicians.
So we have almost dozen of these kind of sites so far.

1. Do we need so many sites for narrow niche ( lets remember that the main crowd didnt join yet to the web 2.0/ Health 2.0 hype) ? .
2.What is their business model or what is the added value these sites are giving to the professionals outside of the commodities - platform and application for community ?

For me thereare intuitive answers :

1. Its too crowded for another "simple" social networking.
2. The "basic platform" for community should be an extra layer to an innovative idea that will gather the professional together.
Im waiting for the "killer platform" that will cause physicians and scientist to see and value the benefits of being there- on the net .

What is your observation regarding this issue?

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Anonymous said...


Talking about scientific networking tools, I suggest you to have a look at InterMedi. This site offers networking tools in the field of biomedical research but has the particularity that no information has to be entered. The engine behind InterMedi relies on the Pubmed API and reflects true, meaningful relations between individuals, unlike most of social networking "friend" or "contact" relation.

It also shows publications, affiliations, collaborators, etc.

These applications are also discussed on the Personomics blog.

Have fun!