Friday, March 7, 2008 - Tracking and control your pain

What are some of the important characteristics on web site/platform in general or web 2.0 platform specifically?


If we are investigating health 2.0 platforms its even more important because the professionals are not tech savvy .So these two characteristics can be crucial. is a platform that is either simple to use and to interact with .Also it has well usability format.
I also like its clean design.
Most of all, this site is giving a great solution to a developing sector in the modern medicine - pain control.
There are more and more physicians that are a "pain experts".
To manage your patients chronic pain you must find way to make a good history survey of their symptoms and you must build a continuous relationship with them to understand the quality and quantity of their pain , and related symptoms.
Reliefpain is just giving you a simple way to use the web for interaction with your patients .
This site is another great example on how health 2.0 can help building a close interaction between physicians and patients for treating chronic diseases and medical conditions

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