Friday, June 22, 2007

Podcasts for the patient's service

So much was discussed about the role of the podcasts in the medicine 2.0 world.
Everyone know's about it and some of us already use it consistently.
This post is about using this format (one of the central applications of web 2.0 ) for our patient's service.
Watch and read this link : Clarian "health pod".
It's about the concept of using the podcasts for providing ongoing patient care and support for bariatric surgery patients.
On the article they describe how patient and their families can use it presurgery.For example : videocast of surgeons answering frequently asked questions.Another applications is giving all the theoretical and practical knowledge concerning the surgery.
Just to be specific : the article describe it as a "pilot program"
I see it as a positive movement towards advanced communication between the patients and the doctors.

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