Friday, June 8, 2007

Medworm- another R.S.S medical engine

I wrote to you last week about medical R.S.S aggregator.
Today, for accomplish the subject I must mention Medworm.
Medworm is an excellent medical R.S.S engine.
It's claim to cover more than 4,000 medical sources. Including journals, blogs, organizations etc.
I don't have to rewrite the benefits of such web 2.0 tool for us.
Some of you already knows about it. For others is my gift for this weekend.


Frankie Dolan said...
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Frankie Dolan said...

Thanks for the MedWorm mention Dr Ginzburg. I'm glad you are finding it to be of use. I have actually just added your blog as one of its sources - I listed it alongside the 'Technology Consultant' blogs, rather than Paediatricians, since your blog contains mostly technology related postings, but please let me know if you would like it re-categorised.

I am constantly working to improve MedWorm - if any of your readers have any feedback I would welcome any comments.

Thanks again,
Frankie Dolan
MedWorm Creator