Friday, June 29, 2007

Nature precedings- complementary scientific publishing tool

This post is about the new web tool from nature group- Nature precedings.

I'm interested with the concept of the complementary ways for publishing scientific researches and works. This "world" contains the "open medicine" concept and also the new concept of Nature precedings.
In the old good world it takes time and money for having the ability to share your scientific work with your professional community.
Beside publishing in the traditional journals there is the informal ways like : posters and conference presentations and "preprints".Those informal ways lacks the ability to be cited by others.
Nature precedings solve this problem and gives the informal ways yhe opportunity to get closer to the traditional concept . It gives an option to publish your poster, presentation or preprint and get professional awareness and credit very quickley.
To publish you must have the appropriate academic credit and also there are pre barriers before publishing (for example: clinical trials with specific results or other research's which get specific therapeutic claims will not be published).
The publishing gives the ability to cite your work (so important fact in our academic sector).
I like so much this web tool because it is a good medicine 2.0 tool.
I like it simplicity. It has the good features like : rating system (votes), tags, rss, and others.
It has also simple and clean web design.

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